Dummy - The framework for Dummies!

require_once "sys/Dummy.php";
# Yes! That is it!

Dummy Framework is not simple, it is not easy, it is maybe not even a framework. It is PHP enriched with some tools to make that simple site using a really simple framework that actually is PHP, only better.

Looking for the simplest possible Framework that gives you a Template, a Database, and some neat features, and then allows you to build your page in raw PHP? you found it!


The Framework | The Controller | The View/Template

Sample CMS-Hello World | Sample Administrative Pane | Sample Statistics

All $Dummy functions and variables | All LD:: functions | All View features

Download* - last update June 2017

This is so simple it would be a crime to put a distribution license on it ... it would be putting a license on PHP itself.

*- Includes my whole site source code (without media) as a sample!

Documentation last updated: Aug 30th 2017